Screen Printing

Screen printing is a printing technique whereby ink or paint is pushed through a woven mesh screen onto the chosen printing surface, which in my case is recycled card blanks.

There are several ways of applying the chosen design/drawing onto the screen but I use photo-emulsion, the most versatile method.

A light-sensitive emulsion is spread over the mesh of the screen and left to dry. This must be done in a dark environment.

Once completely dry an acetate sheet, with my chosen drawing printed onto it, is placed on top of the mesh and exposed to strong light.

The light develops the emulsion and any areas not exposed (i.e. those under the black lines of the drawing) can be washed out, leaving behind a stencil to print from.

The screen can then be used to print onto paper, fabric, etc. using a squeegee to force the paint through the open areas of the screen.

This method is used to print all of my screen printed greetings cards and every card is printed by hand creating an original piece of artwork each time.